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Benefits of an Ergonomic Stool

15 April 2024

Spending a lot of time standing up can lead to different discomforts; fatigue, back pain, tiredness,
etc. such symptoms can affect work performance and overall health. An effective way to reduce
mentioned discomforts is to invest in an ergonomic seat. Depending on the abilities performed
and work environment you find yourself in, you might find yourself debating between a chair and
a stool. Discussing the benefits of an ergonomic stool will be the focus of this piece.

If the area of work requires having the ability to shift around constantly, a stool will fit in those
standards with no problem. An ergonomic stool will allow you to stand up, sit down and move
around with ease while still providing the stability and rest needed to conclude an efficient and
quality workday.

If you are struggling with back pain and bad posture, finding a good seat will help with alleviating
such discomforts. Understanding how the different characteristics of a stool work is very essential
since that will help you to pick the perfect seat according to your needs. For example, the height
affects the position of the legs, which impacts your posture. The highest position of the stool
allows the legs to fall naturally downward; therefore, the pelvis and lumbar area will be in a
neutral position giving the spine its natural curve. Using an ergonomic stool will also encourage an
active position, which will help with strengthening back and central muscles, leading to more
comfortability and productivity in the workplace.

If you have experienced any of these problems, or you are trying to find the perfect seat for your
space, take into consideration an ergonomic stool.

Explore all the variety of ergonomic stools that we offer at Industrial Seating. Extremely resistant,
durable and comfortable, specially designed to endure long hours of work and adapt to multiple
work environments.