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How to choose the best conductive chair for you laboratory or production line

07 February 2024

We feel the effects of static electricity quite often, but usually is harmless. However, in places
where they work with electricity, like production lines of electronic devices or a laboratory for
testing electronic products, ESD or Electronic discharge is a big hazard; especially for the
components that are being worked on.

Apart from having the adequate equipment to counteract the effects of ESD, it is essential, that
you equip your laboratory with safe furniture designed for ESD environments such as antistatic
chairs. All components of these chairs have to be specially designed to conduct the ESD discharge
to the floor of those laboratories or said environments, and investing in a high quality heavy duty
ESD chair is key to prevent the risks of ESD discharge affecting the components.

5 ways to choose the perfect ESD chair for you workplace.

Third party verification

There is plenty of ESD chairs in the market that claim to be safe for electrostatic electricity. We
recommend you ask for certification of a third party to make sure that the chair works up to
expectations. All the pieces need to discharge the static electricity according to standards,
from the seat and the back of the chair, to the ESD casters and other plastic and metal


While the main purpose of ESD chairs is to prevent damages from ESD, keep in mind that the
users will spend long hours sitting; moving from left to right, up and down, and it is necessary
that they have a heavy duty chair that allows them to do so while providing support and
comfort. Working long hours without an appropriately designed chair causes discomfort,
damages you posture and affects your productivity. All aspects of a chair have to be deeply
thought through, ergonomic chairs are designed to improve your posture and productivity,
and provide hours of comfortability and support.


Check the guarantee before making a decision. Your chair should have a 3-5 year guarantee,
which ensures that you are buying a great product from a great company.


There are many materials to choose from for the upholstery of industrial ESD chairs. To choose
the correct one we have to consider your work environment and you have to keep in mind that the ESD characteristic is something that should not wear off. Some prefer ESD polyurethane and vinyl because it is easier to clean, and others prefer fabric.

Some of the ESD materials we offer are:

Polyurethane: a dense, durable and resistant material. ESD chemicals are mixed with the polyurethane material when molding the piece, which gives even ESD properties across all the volume of the piece.

Vinyl: this material is upholstered on PU foam. Our ESD vinyl Chairs is fabricated by mixing ESD materials with the resin in the moment of fabrication.

Fabric: this material is upholstered on PU foam. This material is made by weaving ESD thread with regular fabric.

Renowned manufacturer

It is always important to go to a trusted supplier but most important is that the manufacturer
follows international rules of fabrication, specially ISO 9001-2008.

At Industrial Seating Inc, we count with more than 25 years of experience in industrial ESD