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Industrial Seating™ conductive seating insures a safe, static-clear work area.

Industrial Seating™ conductive seating insures a safe, static-clear work area.

All IS™ patented conductive seating models are equipped with conductive seat cushions, back cushions, as well as all metal parts and the IS™ patented dual resistance system.

Operator safety is important:

Many conductive chairs are used at test benches where operators could receive an electrical shock. Industrial Seating™ uses dual resistors in the vertical gas lift column. These two resistors reduce the possibility of injury in production and test areas.

Complete discharge is critical:

Industrial Seating™ pioneered the use of conductive fabric with a conductive backer. Without our patented system, following the path of a static charge on a seat cushion was very easy. It leaves smaller charges on the nonconductive filaments it passes on the surface. As each layer in an IS™ cushion is progresively more conductive, charges pass directly from the fabric to the backer, and then off the cushion.

These fabrics have a higher resistance level surfacce than in the special latex backing material. This direct the static charges through the special fabric to the lower resistance latex backing layer, eliminating static “Echo Charges”.

Casters: Industrial Seating™ chairs with polished aluminum bases are equipped with conductive casters.

Nylon base models use standard casters and a drag chain for conductivity.

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About Us

Industrial Seating Inc. Does not sell directly. We sell through our network of distributors in the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic , if you want information about our distributor please check the map to obtain information or call us. If you would like to become a distributor please call us for more details.

About Warranty

Unconditional 5-year

Any component of IS products which fails within five years will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the user.

Extended Care (Years Six to Fifteen)

Replacements will be limited to structural components. Replacements will be billed on a prepared basis. (10% of distributor net cost for parts purchased the 6th year, 20% the 7th year, etc.

Industrial Seating will maintain and inventory

Industrial Seating will maintain and inventory of replacement parts for fifteen years after discontinuing any part.

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