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Industrial work chairs and stools

08 February 2022

The standards established for chairs or/ stools used in industrial and technical environments differ
from those established for office chairs.

The work performed in production areas and/or production lines can involve rigorous tasks and
repetitive movements, chairs are expected to be resilient and manufactured with easy to clean
materials. In some areas the material must be able to dissipate sparks and be resistant to oils.
The chair/stools must comply with different work environments and be resilient enough to
support many employees on multiple shifts.

On an assembly line of a manufacturing plant or factory, the chair/stool must be adjustable and
also provide ergonomic support for suitable work positions.

Ergonomic stools are optimal when work is performed in extended standing position and can
reduce the pressure on your feet by up to 60%!

The following are 5 Ergonomic chairs ideal for industrial use:

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