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The Importance of ergonomic laboratory Chairs

27 March 2024

In a laboratory environment, it is essential to have adequate furniture, including adequate
laboratory chairs. Lab chairs take on a big part in maximizing productivity, safety and
comfortability in a work place. Whether it is an industrial stool or chair, finding a seat well
designed for laboratory environments is key. When looking for a lab chair, keep in mind the
following aspects to aid in the search of the perfect chair.

Taking in consideration the work environment for the chair is the first and most important step.
Whether it is a stool or a chair, all seats offer different and multiple benefits according the
workspace. In work environments where the user will be moving in different directions constantly,
a stool is the best option. For places where the user will be sitting for long periods, an ergonomic
designed chair will be a better fit.

The second consideration to keep in mind is the upholstery of the seats and backs. Depending on
the different requirements of the laboratory the chairs will be in, the material upholstered will be
different. Some laboratories go for vinyl, while others go for fabrics. Evaluating the work
conditions will help to choose the adequate materials to maximize functionality in your laboratory.
In addition, how the chair fits and looks in the workspace is important. Having a chair that can be
adapted with different options like arm rests, foot rings, bases and cylinders will allow to
customize it to satisfy all needs.

Investing in a quality lab chair will help in improving work efficiency and will minimize spending
tons of money on finding replacements.

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